Shogun Tag™ Base Wrap

Shogun Tag™ Base Wrap

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As loss prevention technology improves, thieves, opportunistic offenders and ORC are getting more sophisticated. Along with product theft, they tamper with packaging, especially those with multiple access points that are difficult for many security tags to protect on their own.

The Shogun Tag™ Base Wrap is an ideal solution for these problems. Shogun Tags easily install into the base housing. 2.3” or 5” elastic bands are available (depending on the size of merchandise) securing the tag to merchandise for the desired protection.

The Shogun Tag™ Base Wrap is ideal for applying Shogun Tags to round or odd shaped packages. There are no tools and no additional hardware required. The Shogun Tag Base Wrap is a simple and effective solution to further prevent theft in retail stores. The cost-effective Shogun Tag™ is a small yet powerful product protector. Smaller than competitive products, the patent-pending Shogun Tag’s provides 3-alarm protection with a reduced footprint, which is ideal for smaller products and retaining merchandising planograms.

Features and Benefits
  • Prevents box tampering
  • Reusable – both silicone band and Shogun Tag™ allow for multi-uses
  • Prevents theft – alarms when silicone band or Shogun Tag™ is removed

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