ShopRoll™ Baskets

ShopRoll™ Baskets


ShopRoll™ Baskets are great for carry-along (or roll-along) shopping in-store. Easy-to-carry, sturdy, and hygienic, ShopRoll™ Baskets provide a wealth of space for shoppers to place items they’d like to purchase (almost 20% more room than traditional shopping baskets!

ShopRoll™ Baskets feature an ergonomic telescoping steel handle to ensure there is no sway when holding the basket. They also feature a basket handle for when shoppers prefer to carry the basket.

ShopRoll™ Baskets are also equipped with casters, allowing shoppers to roll their baskets while shopping or easier mobility.

Features and Benefits
• Basket holds 34 cubic liters of space
• Lightweight – easy to carry
• Reversible stacking – easy to store
• Dirt evacuation system for easy cleaning
• Rigid steel handle – does NOT sway
• Folding, anti-bacterial handle • Casters for easy mobility
• Patented
• Customizable